angled tree


Born Brooklyn 1946
I lived there for 66 years and retired to the flatland of southern Florida in 2013.
Went to 3 colleges in four years and during that time I realized that I wanted to be a photographer. At that time the doors leading to my other interests were always closed or had plenty of obstacles, on the other hand the doors to photography were alaways open, so it was an easy decision.

I have been a photographer all my life.

For for 35 years plus, I worked as a commercial studio/still-life photographer, in the NYC area. I gave my clients what they wanted and what they needed, learned a lot and enjoyed the journey, so much. I photographed objects, all kinds of objects, with 4x5 and 8x10 cameras, tungsten and strobe lighting. It was always a challenge, as you never were sure of exactly what would come thru the door. I was endlessly entertained for years and years.
In the mid eighties, I was introduced to computers by a friend and found them facinating. As the digital photography took over the commercial photography world, I was an early adopter, loved the control they allowed. It was a very interesting time and I worked with all kinds of unique equipment, like the BetterLight 6K II scanning back. In the final ten years, I went to work for a printing company, there were Heidelberg printing presses in the next room and I learned more about the Pre-Press side on my work. As time passed, we acquired a digital press for short run work and I learned to operate it. So now, “I” could design, photograph, typeset, proof and now print my client’s work.

Basically, I am a photographer, can’t put it down and I don’t want to. I do it for my pleasure and my interest. It is a desire to capture all the lovely images that have passed in front of me thru the years, some that I have sought and others that just presented themselves. I love Nature, its chaos, its randomnees, its unpredictability, its ever changing nature, its beauty. I don’t like to photograph people, it seems like I am using them, not quite polite but I love to photograph the things that humans have created in the broadest sense imaginable, from their architecture to the things they leave, by the side of the road.
This website contains only my personal work, photographs that I did for myself, from the time I started to photograph.